[Fortnight Island] Tsuru's Morning Stroll

Fortnight Island
   Tsuru's Morning Stroll

 Tsuru's Morning Stroll is finally announced for Global! With Tsuru comes the possibility of Shooter Teams (at long last) as well as some new units to play with.


Tsuru "The Crane"
Classification: INT Shooter
Health: 1,151
Attack: 1,210
Recovery: 366

Captain Skill: Shooter Units gain 2x ATK
Special (20 Turn -> 12 Turn) : Randomize all units; Heal 2,000 Health

 Tsuru opens the possibility of the Shooter teams in Global. While it won't be on the same tier level as Slashers, it does open the door to the most utility based typing. Tsuru's health isn't high but she does feature a fairly high attack stat. She's a decent INT filler unit for those that want it.


Vice-Admiral Momonga
Classification: PSY Slasher
Health: 632
Attack: 815
Recovery: 255

Captain Skill: Heart Units gain 2x Health
Special (25 Turn -> 18 Turn): Deal 25x this Character's ATK to a single enemy

 Momonga isn't a good PSY unit. But if you lack PSY units, Momonga is better than nothing...


Vice-Admiral Onigumo 
Classification: DEX Slasher
Health: 944
Attack: 920
Recovery: 131

Captain Skill: DEX Units gain 2x ATK
Special (21 Turn -> 16 Turn): Reduce all enemies' health by 10%

Called "Mini-Mihawk", Onigumo can find room in Vivi teams with low health and percentage damage special. His stats are usable but doesn't mean he's a "must-use" unit. 

Notable Skill-books

Unit Name
Initial Cooldown
Maximum Cooldown
Monkey D. Luffy - Gear Third
Impact Dial: Usopp
Miss Valentines - 10,000 Kilogram Guillotine
Mr 5 - Breeze Breath Bomb

Island Conditions
 There are 7 different Stages in the island. The following images are provided by GameWith.

Stage Stage Details
Stage 1/7

The island opens with a fairly basic set of mobs.

You should be able to stall a 1-3 turns at this stage.
Stage 2/7

Another mob stage.

All Shooters for your Tsuru team.
Stage 3/7

Turtles and Mob Stage

As usual - clear the mobs and stall on turtles (or send them flying)
Stage 4/7 (MINI-BOSS)

You'll fight Momonga with mobs. As usual, Momonga will use his special when he's at 20% or below health.

Health: 180,000
Damage: 3,580
Special: 6,100
Stage 5/7

Some armored mobs. Luckily they can be cleared without taking much damage. 
Stage 6/7

If you aren't used to Bandai's "Stage before the final Boss" formula... This is a good example.

A Crab, a Turtle, a Pirate Penguin and mobs. They are all droppable (if you need the penguin). 
Stage 7/7 (BOSS)

Tsuru with 5 mobs. Depending on your damage and team, you may be able to focus Tsuru before the mobs. If not (and you want to play safe), clear the mobs before Tsuru.

Health: 525,000
Attack: 4,020 (2-Turn Interval)
Special: Heal all enemies' health by a "certain amount" (Around 50,000)
Secret Stage (Onigumo)

Onigumo appears randomly.

He'll pre-emptively bind a random unit for 2 turns.

Onigumo will attack for 2,880 damage and is about as tanky as Momonga.

Recommended Units

Recommended Units for this Fortnight Notes
Golden Pound Hammer Usopp
 Due to the large amounts of mobs and the fact that there are no debuff blocker - GP Usopp will be a valuable asset to your team when clearing 30-Stamina
Petty Officer Coby
Coby is an orb-booster and a PSY unit which is the natural enemy of the INT units. Coby is a highly valuable unit for your fight against Vice-Admiral Tsuru.
Monkey D. Garp
As a island with an INT Boss, Garp will likely be the easiest/best team for this island to date. With a ton of HP and decent firepower, you can stall your way through even taking hits when needed
Red-Haired Shanks
The other PSY leader. While Garp is preferred, some people prefer to simply burst down their competition at which case - nothing is wrong with Red-Haired Shanks. 

Best of luck with the fight against Vice-Admiral Tsuru!!~

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