Winterize Your Crew

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   Winterize Your Crew!!

While the website is getting setup, let's come back down to Earth and prepare for the Winterize your crew event!!

The Free Rainbow Gem a day continues!!

This will give you 13 Free gems - save them for Sugofest or farming Raid Bosses!!~
Double Pirate EXP  during Bonus Times for all islands!!

It is an easily ignored event - 1/2 Stamina is strictly better due to more chances for rare drops/more beri etc. 
Friend Point Sugofest!! (kinda)

You can get Baby, Teenage or Elder Turtles of any colour from Friend-Point summons!! 

Only from June 9 19:00 - June 15 18:59
1/2 Stamina for "Daily" Special Islands

Weekly Quests is the Evolution material islands. 

For the time period, enjoy a half stamina to farm all your evolution materials!

Super Success Rate Up!!

To go hand-in-hand with the Turtles you're going to get from Friend Point Sugofest - the Super Success rate is up!!

Level up your units faster than usual with the Super Success Rate-Up!!

Smoker's Great Pursuit - Fortnight Island Announced!!

With this island, Smoker's final evolution will be released!! Level your 4-Star Smokers to level 99 to evolve him to the infamous "Biker Smoker". More details on the island to come soon - get ready for tons of locks!!~

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