[Tier List] Post-Smoker Fortnight

Global Tier List
   "Biker Smoker" Fortnight Updated!!

Due to popular demand, the Tier-List is back and updated. As usual, the disclaimer is that the following list is made by several JPN veteran players and represents our views.

~Do not take this entire list letter-for-letter.~

We judge characters by several "rulers":

  • Character's Strength - includes Stats, Captain Skill and Special
  • Character's Versatility - How many different types of teams will this character fit in.
  • Character's Future - This factor affects it less than the above 2, but it is important to consider the unit's future.
"God" Tier
 Considered the best units in the Game. These generally are still around in the JPN "metagame" and are formidable units.


Arguably the strongest unit in the game.

He gives a possible 3x ATK boost to all 6 units.  This is significantly higher compared to regular 2.5x Captains. This is due to 2 Whitebeards giving 9x boost vs 6.25x boost from 2,5x Captains.

His Special, "Sea-Quake" does 30% enemies' current health damage is considered one of the best Specials in the game.

Overall, a powerhouse unit that can be used for any island in the game.

Golden Pound Hammer: Usopp

One of the best utility units in the game.

GP Usopp is here for his Special that delays all attacking enemies by 3 turns. At MAX level, this special can activate every 10 turns which is extremely powerful against Raid Bosses and foes in general.

A powerful F2P utility unit

Monkey D. Luffy: Gear Third

Similar to Whitebeard, Gear Third is widely considered the second strongest Captain.

He can give a possible 3.5x ATK boost to 3 units which gives incredible burst damage on your last 3 hits.

His Special isn't particularly special which really puts him beneath Whitebeard. 


Hawkeye Mihawk

Currently one of the highest overall stat Character - Mihawk is the lead of Slasher Teams.

Mihawk is considered "God Tier" because he's really better than most "Tier-1" Characters. Mihawk can clear multiple Raid Bosses as well as future "Special Training Forests"

His success is largely due to his special which is similar to Whitebeard. It is simply one of the best specials in the game and is what puts Mihawk's offensive power up there.

His only flaw is the weaker 2.5x ATK boost and restriction to only Slashers compared to the other units on this list

 These are the units that are some of the strongest in the game. They aren't the best, but they sure come close to the very best.

"Iron Mace" Alvida, Smooth-Smooth Fruit
One of the most powerful damage reducers in the game.

Used in all sorts of team, Alvida will continue to serve unmatched in the "damage reduction" department until Perona arrives

She also currently has decent stats so she isn't a pure utility unit but a nice overall unit.

Happiness Punch: Nami

The 2.5x ATK for INT Teams which are is the best Attribute team at the moment.

Her Special changes PSY orbs to INT orbs which is a perfect addition to ensure powerful hits from the most aggressive Attribute.

Very strong but does lack power compared to some of the top dogs in S-Tier. 

Nico Robin

Nico Robin gets a special mention due to her potential in INT Teams.

Her Special is invaluable and is impossible to make a good INT burst team without her.

Unlike Impact Dial Usopp, she has great stats.

Unfortunately, she is USELESS as a Captain and not that great in any other team. 
Only in INT-based teams

Monster Chopper

A powerful 3x ATK for STR units which puts Chopper on par with Whitebeard (in terms of ATK boost).

Chopper will cut your health at the start by 60% which is extremely detrimental and makes your team very fragile.

A lot of skill and care will be required for your team to use him effectively and is the only main flaw with this unit.

"Massacre Soldier" Killer

Killer is a good unit that is fairly versatile.

As a captain, his versatility is great but his damage does lack compared to some of the more aggressive burst teams like INT, Gear Third and Whitebeard.

His Special is a powerful nuke that can be used to burst down Bosses and guarantee victory.


Biker Smoker

A very impressive unit in any arsenal.

Smoker has a powerful damage reducer that's paired with amazing stats. Unfortunately, the places where a player would prefer Smoker over other damage-reducer like Alvida are limited.

That being said, Biker Smoker is a powerful DEX unit for the long-run and with a powerful special to match. 

Petty Officer Coby

The only Orb-booster in Global at the moment.

Coby practically grants 1.5x ATK to your whole team for 2 turns. This is incredible for helping boosting your damage.

Coby however is not the best Captain material and his stats aren't the most fantastic which drags him down.


Marco, The Phoenix

Like Whitebeard, Marco gives 3x ATK to PSY Characters. However this only occurs when your health is full.

This is a fairly difficult condition to maintain when faced with pre-emptive attacks like Helmeppo.

His Special is amazing but comes at a long 30 round cooldown. Thus you cannot rely on it to keep your Captain Skill up.

That being said as a sub, Marco does good work with nice stats and special. His special will become usable when his skill books are released that will drop the Cooldown to 20.

"Mad Monk" Urougue

The current Striker lead with 1.5x HP/2x ATK to Strikers.

Urougue is a PSY with good stats and a great special. He can buff all Striker's ATK by 1.5x which can be stacked with Orb-boosters.

Urougue's Captain Skill simply isn't as good as the regular 2x HP/ATK Captains though. 

Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law has competition with Ashura Zoro and to some extent Mihawk.

His Special allows you to change your orbs to [DEX], [TND] or [Meat]. This is a very useful special and puts him above Roronoa Zoro as a unit.

But overall as a captain, Zoro and Mihawk are arguably better. 

Chef Zeff

Zeff's 2.5x ATK to Fighters heads the Fighters team which recently got all those new characters - Hina/Coby/Chopper.

These additions can really breath new life into Fighter teams.

However, Zeff will still fall to Mihawk and his Slashers.
Only with Officer Coby and Hina

Roronoa Zoro: Ashura Ichibugin

The 2x HP/ATK Captain for DEX.

A very valuable unit and Captain. He is backed with powerful stats and is only let down by his Special.

A solid unit.

"Diamond" Jozu

Unfortunately, Jozu has a strong Captain but there simply isn't many good QCK units to utilize.

Jozu comes paired with decent numbers and a strong utility special that nullifies any DEX attacks.

A solid unit.

"Flower      Sword" 
Gran Vista

Vista as a captain is used quite often. However, since INT generally runs burst teams - Happiness Punch Nami will be preferred.

That being said, he's still a solid and fine alternative that will make INT teams super tanky.

Another flaw is his "weak" special that does 5,000 fixed damage.

"Red-Haired" Shanks

Unfortunately, PSY is one of the weaker Attributes in the game (alongside QCK). His stats are also fairly underwhelming compared to some of the Raid Boss/newer units.

Overall... the Yonko is a decent unit but is really lacking compared to the other great choices.

Portgaz D. Ace: Mirror Flame

The 2.5x ATK Captain for QCK.

Portgaz D. Ace is unfortunately part of the QCK army. It is a fairly underpowered army and is often passed over for DEX/INT.

His stats are at least decent and his special is okay. But unlike Shanks, the future is not bright for QCK units.

 These are the units that are neither here nor there... They are generally team-based/orientated Characters that will excel when used properly. Without the right usage, these units will drop to Tier-2.


Saw-Tooth Arlong

With Mihawk's release, Arlong drops down to nothing more than a strong STR beat-stick.

He's a very useful crew-member for BOTH Slashers and STR teams. But nothing much more.

Mr. 3
Extra Special Candelabra

A 1-Turn Delayer that's an INT Slasher.

A utility unit that slots right in with Slasher teams. While a good addition, he isn't a "must-have/use" unit like others like Hammer Usopp.

Hina of the Cage

The only orb-locker in Global at the moment.

Orb-lockers are generally used in Burst teams which helps guarantee good orbs for your specials.

A good unit who suffers from being a QCK Attribute and rely on other units to manipulate orbs to be effective.

Streaming Swords: Roronoa Zoro

 Used in Vivi "Zombie" teams and against Force enemies.

Arguably better than his evolved form, Streaming Swords features a nice utility special that can block incoming "STR" attacks. This is a useful special that can only grow in usefulness with new STR enemies

The problem with Zoro is very limited use of his Captain skill (only against Raid Bosses) and poor stats compared to the other Zoros.

Roronoa Zoro: Lion Song

 Used in Vivi "Zombie" teams and occasionally on DEX teams as a single-target nuker.

Known more commonly as "Tank Zoro", this unit features high HP, decent ATK and crap RCV.  Unfortunately, he loses his utility and becomes a single-target nuker.

Lion Song: Roronoa Zoro is currently a decent unit but will drop in usefulness as more and more content comes out. 

Flintlock Pistols: Izo

A DEX orb-manipulator. She/he can change STR and QCK orbs to DEX orbs.

This unit pairs nicely with the DEX team which is in a good position currently. Izo has great stats and a pretty good special.

Izo will grow in usefulness when Khalifa's Fortnight is released.

Blamenco, "The Mallet"

A STR orb-manipulator. He changes DEX and QCK orbs to STR orbs.

This unit pairs nicely with the STR teams. A strong STR team is possible but can be difficult to attain compared to DEX. Blamenco has good stats and a pretty good special for raid bosses in the future like Doflamingo.

Blamenco will grow in usefulness when Kraken's Fortnight is released.

Sergeant Helmeppo

An INT Slasher that unlocks any locked units.

Decent stats with good type and attribute. Thus a good unit but nothing particularly outstanding except for his ability to unlock units.

"Magician" Basil Hawkins

Like Arlong, Basil Hawkins is an INT beat-stick.

His captain skill is fairly useless and his special isn't that game-changing/special.

So overall, Hawkins is a decent unit but probably won't be "specially" picked for his Captain or Special.

Impact Dial: Usopp

Impact Dial: Usopp is here due to his special. It grants all PSY units 2x ATK for 1 turn.

Impact Dial: Usopp's weakness lies in his generally low stats and the fact his name is "Usopp". He conflicts with Golden Pound Usopp which is a problem when PSY teams are utility based.

He's used in PSY burst but won't see use in any other situations.

Tier 2
Units that you'll prefer not to use if better options were available. These units are still okay to use, but will get outclassed with more content.

Monkey D. Luffy: Gear Second
Sanji, Diablo Jambe
Mr Prince - Veal Shot
Buggy, The Clown
Don Krieg MH5 Gas Bomb
Bepo, the Martial Artist
Mr. 2 - Bombardier Arabesque
Guard Point Chopper
Sergeant Tashigi
Kuro of a Hundred Plans
Nami, Thunderbolt Tempo
Miss Valentines
Escapee Morgan
Mr. 5 - Breeze Breath Bomb
Tony Tony Chopper: Brain Point

 Try not to use these units if you have the choice to avoid it. Many Tier 2/3 characters are Fortnights and are far stronger. Note: Not ALL Tier-3 units are listed.

Special Units
These units are the ones ONLY good/used in specific stage/against certain opponents. They will extremely important in certain stages while almost useless in every other stage.

Used In?
Princess Vivi
  • Raid Bosses, for the Vivi/Laboon or Vivi/Tank Zoro team
  • When you don't mind sacrificing some damage for additional healing per turn
  • Raid Bosses, for the Vivi/Laboon
Chore Boy Helmeppo
  • When enemies apply "Defence" buffs or have naturally high defence (like lobsters) - Helmeppo is essential
Nami: Mirage Tempo
  • Only useful against INT enemies/bosses
Ironfist Fullbody
  • If Turtle Island had a Tier-List, this dude would be "God-Tier"

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