[Sugofest] ~Join My Crew~ Whitebeard Batch!!

   ~ Join My Crew ~ Whitebeard + v2 Batch!!

June 18th (19:00) - June 19th (18:59)

If you aren't living under a rock, you would've seen the Sugofest Post in the Notices. And many are disappointed that there are no new characters out. But every version (even Global) needs time for newer players to catch up. So here's Sugofest!!

Current Attribute-Up: INT Rate-Up!!

The Characters with Rates Boosted

5-Star (Sugofest Exclusive)

Edward Newgate - STR Striker

The units listed below have both their 5-Star and 4-Star versions rates boosted.

Marco, The Phoenix - PSY Fighter
"Flower Sword" Vista - INT Slasher
Diamond Jozu - QCK Fighter
Blamenco the Mallet - STR Striker
Flintlock Pistols Izo - DEX Shooter

Red Haired Shanks - PSY Slasher
Portgas D. Ace: Flame Mirror - QCK Fighter

Nico Robin - INT Fighter
Monkey D. Luffy, Gear Third - STR Fighter
Roronoa Zoro: Lion's Song - DEX Slasher
Nami: Happiness Punch - INT Striker
Sogeking - PSY Shooter

Should I pull?
 As with every Sugofest, the eternal question is should I pull...

To help make this decision (if you need help deciding) is the following questions

  • Who do you need?
  • Who do you want?
  • This or the Next Sugofest

If you are only after the Sugofest Exclusive unit, we suggest you save your gems for a Sugofest with new characters. That way - even if you don't pull the legendary unit, you have a chance of pulling other new units instead.

As this is a Sugofest with an INT Rate-Up attached to it, if you are after Nami: Happiness Punch, Nico Robin or "Flower Sword" Vista - this is probably the best time to net the above units. However, if you are ONLY after the above 3, we suggest you don't go "all-out" this Sugofest and budget yourself. This is due to several reasons including - this rate-up will occur again (in the future) and OTHER units aside the ones you want has their rates boosted including Sogeking...

Next Sugofest?
My best guess is the next Sugofest will occur during July and will very likely have Supernovas Batches 1 and 2. Supernovas Batch 2 is considered one of the best batches of characters with a new characters such as Rayleigh and Kid who are both considered powerhouse units in the JPN version.

If you are after Rayleigh (like 99% of the the Global community), you should be aware that pulling a Sugofest Exclusive unit is extremely rare and difficult to attain. As such, you will need as much fruits as you can if you want to get Rayleigh.

Good Luck with your Pulls!~

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