Smoker's Great Pursuit

Fortnight Island
   Smoker's Great Pursuit

 Smoker is about to ride in with his 5-Star Biker Form. The legendary Biker Smoker is the final evolution form and will not drop from this Fortnight. You will have to attain a level 99 Smoker, The White Hunter (4-Star Form) then evolve him as per normal.



 Smoker is available from this island. This is vital and essential if you have a Smoker and you want to level up his special. With turtles and Smoker drops, you should be able to level up their Smoker to 99 quite easily.


Tashigi is also available from this island. An interesting Speed Slasher if you lack one. It's good to farm one as Speed units (especially decent ones) are fairly hard to come by. Feel free to hold on to Tashigi to skill her up.


Skill-book  Initial Special Maximum Special

Roronoa Zoro: Lion Song


Mr. 3 - Extra Special Candelabra


Princess Vivi


Miss Goldenweek - Colors Trap Calming Green


Chef Zeff




Mr. 9, Hot Blooded Bat


Island Details
The following covers the individual stages of Smoker's Island 30 Stamina (Expert Edition).
All Pictures by TAKASHI's OnePiece Channel

Stage 1/7

Begins with 1-Turn before he attacks.

Smoker will deal 4,020 damage on this attack.

After this attack, Smoker goes on a 3-turn attack interval.

He is fairly tanky and has about  approximately 300,000 Health
Stage 2/7

A mob stage. The colours of the Marines may differ (you may face Red Marines instead of Green)

Stall without taking damage.
Stage 3/7

Mob and Turtle Stage

Clear the mobs and then stall on the turtles (or kill it outright)

The turtle has 23 HP
Stage 4/7

Mob Stage

If you can stall - stall, if not kill them all
Stage 5/7

Mob Stage

Nothing special - you shouldn't have too much trouble.
Stage 6/7

Mob + Materials

An interesting stage. Clear the mobs + seahorse first then deal with the crab and turtle.

This will be your last chance to stall if you need any specials up.
Stage 7/7

BOSS: Biker Smoker
Health: 825,000
Attack: 6,310
Attack Interval: 3 turns
(Note: He will not drop as Biker Smoker)

He will pre-emptively lock your Captain for 4 turns and attack you for 6,310 damage.

Since your Captain is locked, your Captain Skill is temporarily be disabled!!

He will attack every 3 turns from that point. If his health drops to 20% or below, he will lock both Captains for 3 turns.

So ensure that you burst him down or have a painful time trying to finish him off.

(Hidden Boss Picture by GameWith)
Hidden Stage

Mini-Boss: Tashigi

Low Attack Interval units - You will likely have to take a hit or 2 from Tashigi but overall it shouldn't be too much trouble

Recommended Units

Recommended Captains
or even Monster Chopper

you need 6000 HP after debuff though.
now to counter tashigi somehow in Slasher Team
Now your favorite Question. Is it Vivi+ Laboon able?
YES, it has same conditions as a Vivi + Zoro Team
Is it Vivi+ Zoro-able?
Yes. But you need some def and turn delay against his heavy strikes when you're chained
By the way. You can't get the Biker Smoker as a Drop.
You will have to evolve him from 4* Smoker  to  5* Smoker

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