Clash!! Vice-Admiral Garp

Raid Boss
   Clash!! Vice-Admiral Garp

The long anticipated Monkey D Garp's Raid Boss has arrived!! Monkey D. Garp is an extremely powerful unit for PSY Teams and is arguably what makes them playable at this point in time.

There is an UPDATED Garp Guide (click here)!


Monkey D. Garp
Classification: PSY Fighter
Health: 2,852
Attack: 1,220
Recovery: 225

Captain Skill: PSY units gain 2x Health and Attack
Special (28 Turns ->  13 Turns): Turn all orbs to [PSY] or [Meat]

NOTE: Both evolved and non-evolved Garp has the same Special

Sergeant Helmeppo and Petty Officer Coby

They both drop from the island with extremely low rate. Like... if you're thinking of farming for one... forget it. If you get one... you should go play the lottery. (But they do drop!)

Conditions: None
Stamina: 40 (Master Difficulty)
Experience: 6,650
Beri: ~Varies

Only one version of this island exists - 40 Stamina and Garp is a guaranteed drop.
All images credit to GameWith & Zeenigami's Garp Video
Stage Stage Details
Stage 1/5

2 Mobs every time - Note the Attribute of the mobs may change.

Depending on their turn order and your team, you generally can stall for 1-2 turns here.
Stage 2/5

The Elder Seahorse with 5 Armored Mobs.

You have 2 routes you can take:

  • Leave the Seahorse (Thus you stall 1 turn) in exchange for one of your units getting "Sealed". If you plan to stall on the Turtle in the next stage anyway, this is the recommended action
  • Kill Seahorse first - usually if you don't plan to stall (who knows why) and you just wanna burst down the competition... This is a viable option
Each Armored Mob has 4 HP
The Elder Seahorse has 7 HP
Stage 3/5

MINIBOSS: Sergeant Helmeppo

Helmeppo will preemptively attack your team for 2,250 damage

Helmeppo is not difficult to defeat but if you somehow cannot finish him will deal 3,350 damage. (But odds are almost any team can kill him within 1 turn)

The Turtle is nice and tanky at 29 HP which means tons of potential stall turns if you want/need it.
Stage 4/5

MINIBOSS: Petty Officer Coby
Coby's Health: ~25,000

The reason why double Monkey D. Luffy Gear 3 is NOT recommended for this island.

The Marine preemptively locks every unit except your Captain for 2 turns,

This means that if you do not kill both the Marine and Coby within 2 turns... You'll be taking a fist full of damage.

Fortunately both of them aren't very tanky... unless you have 0x ATK boost (cough Gear Third/Vivi teams).

Coby has the attack pattern of spending 1 turn to boost his ATK (like Monster Chopper) before hitting for 12,000 damage.

The Marine hits for a lot lower 1,104 but can be handled with 2 Captains (even Tank teams) without much difficulty.

Stage 5/5

BOSS: Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp
Health: 2,100,000
Attack: 2,980
Special: 10,000

Monkey D. Garp will preemptively put up a debuff protector for 999 turns. This means that any poison, turn delays etc. will not work.

He then has the following attack pattern

  1. Attack for 2,980 damage
  2. Attack for 2,980 damage
  3. Attack for 2,980 damage
  4. Use Special for 18,000 damage
  5. Attack for 2,980 damage
  6. Spam Special for 10,000 damage every turn
As such, most teams will have around 5 turns to burst/kill Garp. Or you'll tank too much damage to deal with. 

Every team is recommended to have a strong damage reducer like Alvida or Smoker to block the 4th hit.

"Tank Zoro"/Vivi teams - You need a damage reducer for the 18,000 damage hit. If you do not reduce it properly, you will lose.
(Alternatively you could bring Chopper and turn stuff to [Meat] orbs to heal or some recovery engine)

Recommended Teams
Some Teams are recommendations submitted from the GameWith community. All recommendations are using Global-only units.

Mihawk Team
Requirements: MAX Skill Mihawk; Smoker Cooldown should be 20

The reason why the "Reduce all enemies' health by 30%" is highly valued in the game. A Mihawk team can reduce Garp's health by 1,050,000 without doing much. Follow this with a 6.25x boost and enough damage reduction to tank through Garp's damage.

Whitebeard Burst Team
Requirements: None

The reason why Whitebeard is considered the strongest is because he can clear everything. With double Whitebeard's special, Nico Robin and Coby's special, you should be able to plow through Garp well before his 4th turn.
Helmeppo is only there as a high Stat INT unit (just FYI).

Vivi/Zoro Team
Requirements: A damage reducer ~or~ Recovery/Healing Engine, Vivi Level 72+

The Legendary Vivi team comes back for the third time in Global. Unlike the other two Raid Bosses before, Bandai made it a tad bit harder. To beat Garp, you will need to organize something to help you return to full health after Garp's 4th hit.
 Since Garp's 4th hit does 18,000 damage, it will be reduced to 3,600 damage (which is above what Vivi can heal) thus you will not be able to tank without attention to the initial rounds of the fight.
For example: Tsuru is the Recovery engine in this team (She heals 2,000 health)

INT Team
Requirements: Hina, Coby and Robin Cooldowns are all 14 or lower

The famous INT burst team. They unfortunately do not have the best orb manipulation... However, they can remove their weakest orbs which is quite beneficial. Usually people that run these teams will reserve/save PSY orbs in the fight before reaching Garp. Thus when reaching Garp, Nami's special can be activated to great effect (leave nothing to chance).

In either case... Nico Robin's boost with Coby's boost will exponentially increase the damage dealt to Garp. Hina will lock orbs ensuring at least 2 turns of great orbs. Don Krieg is merely there as a high stat unit.

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