Kimono Luffy Review

Monkey D. Luffy Gum-Gum Bazooka: The Storm (Kimono Luffy)
Captain Skill: Boosts ATK, HP and RCV of STR characters by 1.5x 
Special: Reduces Silence duration by 3 turns, deals 15x character's ATK in STR damage to one enemy
This Luffy has the few uses in the current meta game as a captain. His captain ability gives STR characters a 1.5x boost in ATK, HP and RCV. On a broad spectrum, this may seem like an allrounded captain, however that is not really the case here. Any raid or fortnight has 2 distinct broad ways to tackle, In case of a DEX boss, the team used is generally a STR team which gives you 2 options: A burst STR team or a tank STR team. The attack gained because of the burst STR team should be way more than a 1.5x attack boost by the this luffy. A  Monkey D. Luffy Gear 3 team would do way more burst damage then Kimono luffy, If the team is a tank team, Kuma is the way to go with a 2x attack and a 2x health benefit. Both the health and the attack boost are immensely larger. Almost each stage is based of on specificity, so if there is a team that needs an RCV boost, then the right captain to use would be Blamenco. The stats say for themselves. Kimono Luffy tries to have a boost in everything, but due to the lack of specificity in one aspect, the unit wont be used as a captain in the current metagame.

Double Kimono Luffy Captain Boosts: 2.25x ATK, 2.25x HP, 2.25x RCV
Double Gear 3 Luffy Captain Boosts: 12.25x ATK (after 3 perfects)
Double Log Luffy Captain Boosts: 16x ATK (After Good, Great, Perfects)
Double Kuma Captain Boosts: 4x ATK 4x HP
Double Blamenco Captain Boosts: 4x ATK, 4x RCV
Double Monster Chopper Captain Boosts: 9x ATK (with health reduced)
Double Whitebeard Captain Boosts: 9x ATK (below 30%)
Double Blackbeard Captain Boosts: 6.25x ATK, 5.0625x HP (takes 4x damage)

As you can see Kimono Luffy is outclassed by almost every STR captain used currently in the metagame.So he wont be quite used as a captain in many teams. That said his special is a unique one.. He reduces Silence by 3 turns and does nuke damage to 1 enemy. The Nuke damage is basically nothing at the moment. However the silence reduction is a nifty special that can be used in STR or fighter teams because of a low minimum 13 cooldown. The current Silence reducer in the Global meta is Halloween Chopper who reduces silence for 3 turns with a 9 cooldown. However almost all fortnights or raids can stall upto 17 turns so it should not be an issue implementing Kimono Luffy in a STR team. However in a fighter team Halloween chopper is the preferred one because of a lower minimum cooldown. So his special is definitely one that people should try to max to make him useable in STR teams as a silence reducer.

The future applications of this character is socket fodder for units like Gear 3 Luffy and Log Luffy and Strong World Luffy. Afro Luffy is also another option for this (he will come later on) and so is Halloween Luffy. So he will be used for Luffy socket farming.
Practicality: Low (captain) High (sub)
Ease of Use: High (captain and sub)
Sheer Power: Low (captain and sub)
Flexibility: Low (only as an STR team sub to remove silences)

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