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So 4.0 patch has come out on Global. The question that people have been asking is which sockets are best? What are the best situations for these sockets? So, in this article, we'll take a deeper look into the Sockets.
What are Sockets?
Sockets are special abilities that can be obtained in two ways:
  1.  Fusing any Character with the "same name"
  2.  Fusing an "Ability Book" to your Character
Each will provide 1 Point in a random ability that you may pick and choose to add to your Character. Each Ability can only be levelled to a maximum of 5. 
How do they work?
 Unfortunately, it isn't enough to simply max a Character's sockets. You'll have to accumulate points amongst your entire team to activate powerful passive abilities for your entire team. Different abilities will have different requirements - and a list will be provided below.
Is it worth to do it?
While sockets do require a lot of effort, it can help swing battles that would be otherwise challenging or difficult. So. Yes, its worth it - but I wouldn't stress it (It's arguably less important than levelling up Specials).
Socket "Rankings" with Thoughts
In terms of rankings, it is important to consider that "over-levelling" can be a waste. For instance, just because "Matching Orbs" is a highly desired skill - does NOT mean that all units in your team should have it leveled to 5. This would put the total points in that skill to 25 effectively wasting 5 points since the maximum requirement is 20.
1: Recovery Every Turn
Recovery Every Turn
Level 1 (5 Points): Heal 100 Health at the end of turn
Level 2 (8 Points): Heal 200 Health at the end of turn
Level 3 (12 Points): Heal 300 Health at the end of turn
Level 4 (16 Points): Heal 500 Health at the end of turn
Level 5 (24 Points): Heal 1000 Health at the end of turn

 While originally not rated highly, upon testing and review... This ability has a LOT of potential. While yes, it does require all units to have 5 Points in - it also is fairly worth it in most cases.

 This ability allows you to heal 1,000 Health at the end of every turn which effectively allows you to stall easier/better during the mob stages (and especially the Crab/Lobster Stages). This makes it "essentially" a Cooldown Reduction Ability. But in addition to a possible Cooldown reduction, it greatly increases your surviveability which is paramount in most teams like Marco (any version).  If you've ever played a Raid Boss Enel team, you'd know how unkillable you can get with a constant heal - thus this makes it to the top of your list.

All Units should have this (Since it needs 24 sockets). 1000 health after each and every turn means quite a lot of things. For all teams that do not require low health to do more damage, this proves as an equivalent socket to poison resistance and environmental damages as well. This is because you will always heal way more than what poison or environmental damage will do to your health. So this is essentially a 3 in 1 must have socket which is equivalent to Cooldown reduction (because of the stalling), Poison Resistance (Because of the 1000 heal each turn), Environmental Damages (Because of the heal again)
Where not to use this socket: This socket should not be used when dealing with teams like whitebeard teams, x-drake teams etc. This is because you cannot afford to heal up and lose the boost that you have because of the low health. The alternate socket to this would be either poison resistance or environmental resistance since you do not want to die because of environmental effects as well.
Where else to use this socket?: Turtle time teams who have a 3x attack boost at full health can make really good use of this socket. It will save them just in case they mess up and end up taking a hit from the turtles. This will help them gain back the lost boost and continue with turtle smashing. Boa hancock and Marco (Legend) need this socket as well to be in the 70% health range every time. Log Luffy/ Rayleigh will also need this socket because the ship that they would use would be the Moby Dick. And recovery per turn paired with the amazing RCV of these legends will make sure that the crew is back to full health in no time!

2. Lock Resistance
Level 1 (10 Points): Reduce Locks by 1 Turn
Level 2 (15 Points): Reduce Locks by 2 Turn
Level 3 (20 Points): Reduce Locks by 3 Turn

One of the most common and annoying debuffs - Lock. This is an ability everybody recognized as good and it is. But why is it so low on the list? Well...

To compare it with the other abilities on the list... Recovery every turn (as mentioned) provides a hybrid of abilities, from increasing surviveability and cooldown reduction. This makes it more or less paramount to all. Cooldown Reduction will beat this because you could run an unlocker (which Burst teams WILL do if they know a Boss locks) like Master Sergeant Helmeppo. And... Matching Orbs as mentioned will be used a LOT more than this (as not every Boss locks).
However Bind resistance has its advantages as well.. With this socket active you are immune to 3 locked units. Something that is very useful when it comes to training isles. With every Character locked you lose a ton of damage on the last hit of your attack chain. So this is an ability that is surely desirable for many teams on a general basis. Though most bosses don't lock much, this ability will be useful while playing raid bosses against the annoying mobs that lock units. It will also be useful in the future preemptive locks in harder raids and Colosseum battles. Overall despite its weaknesses, is one of the top contenders for an amazing socket!Where to use this socket?: This socket will see use in almost every character on every team. It is more of a safety net socket than a necessary socket. But for fast farming it is a necessary socket. So this socket can be used on almost any unit that is not using Recovery per turn or Cooldown reduction sockets.

3. Captain Silence Resistance
Captain Silence Resistance
Level 1 (10 Points): Reduce Captain Silences by 1 Turn
Level 2 (15 Points): Reduce Captain Silences by 2 Turn
Level 3 (20 Points): Reduce Captain Silences by 3 Turn

Next in line is the partner in crime - Silence Resistance! It's a debuff that's less common than Locking but arguably more devastating.

As a disclaimer, IF Captain Silence was as common as Locks, this would shoot to the top of the list. There are a few decent units that can be used for unlocking... but not many for Silence-reducing. In fact - if you ARE confident in your ability to manage around Lock, this ability would be better to hold currently. It's only due to the fact that the debuff is rare that it's ranked below Lock-Resistance.
If we analyze stages deeper, there are certain mobs that silence a captain and then get a 3 turn cool down. Without sockets it would be devastating, but after this socket it is a boon when it comes to stalling out such mobs. But as of now since the amount of bosses that actually silence are really less, this socket may seem like a waste of slots. However in the future meta game you may see its uses. It is a gamble that must be taken by each person based on their intuition.
Where to use this socket?: This socket will see utility in almost all teams just like Lock Resistance sockets. This is because these sockets are universal just like Lock resistance. However before choosing this socket, careful evaluation must be made to make sure that there is no other socket that is needed for a particular character.
Where not to use this socket?: Teams like Double Blackbeard, where being silenced is actually beneficial to us, is where we should not use Silence resistance sockets. This is because if used, it will render Blackbeards special due to preemptive health cut totally useless. This means there will be no damage done because of his special!

4. Special Cooldown Reduction
Special Cooldown Reduction
Level 1 (10 Points): Reduce all Cooldowns at Start of Adventure by 1
Level 2 (20 Points): Reduce all Cooldowns at Start of Adventure by 2

 This is an all-round good thing to have. Lowering your Cooldowns - even if its by a measly 2 turns is a very useful thing to have. Especially since it can be paired with things like the Recovery every turn ability or Captain Skills.
While many would think "Matching Orbs Up!" may have been a more useful ability to have - it's important to note that most teams DO run Orb-Manipulators for that guaranteed orbs for their guaranteed burst (or Captain Skill in the case of Strong World: Ace). As such, having a Cooldown reduction is essentially having the best of both worlds.  Even if 2 Turns thus seem questionable to you... think about it this way - Raid Bosses all have 5 stages... every turn will count.
This socket will also give a 6 turn reduction to Sengoku leads and will make so many characters usable. It will also enable speed farming to clear the stage faster. Crucial specials like Mihawk, Whitebeard, Doflamingo, Golden Pound Usopp being reduced by 2 turns can be the difference of life and death when it comes to difficult raids, Training isles etc.
Where you could use this socket? The utility of this socket comes in teams that need low specials. As such one of your Mihawks could have a maxed cooldown socket. The same goes for Golden Pound Usopp, Doflamingo etc.
Where not to use this socket? This socket has no draw back per say.. But however when it comes to characters with few sockets, it is sometimes advisable to consider other sockets like Bind Resistance before choosing this socket

5. Matching Orbs Up!
Matching Orbs Rate Up!
Level 1 (5 Points): Increases appearance of matching orbs by a tiny amount (20%)
Level 2 (10 Points): Increases appearance of matching orbs by a small amount (22.2%)
Level 3 (20 Points): Increases appearance of matching orbs (25%)

In a game where the meta is literally "Burst or be Bursted", maximizing your damage is always important. As such, Matching Orbs Rate Up! will be useful for that cause whether its to clear mini bosses or helping out with that DPT (Damage Per Turn).
This socket is very self-explanatory... It increases the odds of getting matching orbs for you to continuously hit hard. With many players running orb-boosters and rainbow teams (Sengoku, Slashers, Rayleigh, etc.) it's important to help get the matching orbs to maximize your damage. Whether you are running a tanky setup or a complete burst team, this ability will obviously come in handy.
In spite of its amazing utility, this socket has only a 5% increment while moving from level 1 to level 3. This means you would be spending 15 slots just to have Matching Orb sockets at level 3. Thus it is highly recommended that you stick with Level 1 Matching orbs if you need to conserve sockets. Those 15 sockets can be better utilized as Recovery Per Turn/ Bind Resistance/ Gloom Resistance etc.
So unless your crew mates have average 4 sockets, do not bother making your Matching Orb sockets to level 3. Level 1 is more than enough.
Where to use this socket?: Rainbow teams are the ones that utilize this the most. It is advisable to put 5 of these sockets on a unit who does not have a good enough special for cool down reductions (Like Monkey D. Luffy Gear Third/ Dark King Silvers Rayleigh/ Log Luffy etc.)
Where not to use this socket?: This socket will see minimal use in teams with guarenteed orb manipulations. For example a Law+ Apoo team does not need to waste slots on Orb Matching since it will get all matching DEX orbs for sure anyway.

6. SUPER Recovery!!
SUPER Recovery!!
Level 1 (5 Points): Heal an extra 100 Health from [Meat] Orbs
Level 2 (8 Points): Heal an extra 200 Health from [Meat] Orbs
Level 3 (12 Points): Heal an extra 300 Health from [Meat] Orbs
Level 4 (16 Points): Heal an extra 500 Health from [Meat] Orbs
Level 5 (24 Points): Heal an extra 1000 Health from [Meat] Orbs

This ability is outclassed (generally) by the Recovery every turn, but this ability does hold some merit.

The main difference between this and the Recovery every turn is that you can manipulate this skill to work to your advantage. Some uses includes:
  • using a [Meat] orb converter, you can heal crazy amounts of health per turn
  • Using it in a low Recovery team like Monster Chopper or Mihawk
  • Working in tandem with Recovery every turn for crazy high sustain for teams like Marco (any), Boa Hancock etc.
Like mentioned, its generally outclassed but creative players will find use for it without question.

7. Environment Damage Resistance
Environment Resistance
Level 1 (10 Points): Reduce damage taken from Environment by 50%
Level 2 (20 Points): Negate all Environment Damage

This is really digging at the bottom of the list - but environment resistance is actually okay in the right situations.

The main flaw with this ability is that it's simply too niche to use. So few places have environmental effects... and more often than not... you probably won't be playing on those stages anyway. There is an exception which is Raid Boss Enel, which is why this made it to the 7th spot. With the environment effects being the bane of Whitebeard teams, this ability should help Whitebeard resist and power through the once-unconquerable island.

It may also see play in the later future such as Impel Down where Magellen's poison damages you every turn... (Unless that's covered by the Poison Resistance Ability)

8. Defence Up!
Level 1 (5 Points): Reduce all incoming damage by 3%
Level 2 (10 Points): Reduce all incoming damage by 5%
Level 3 (15 Points): Reduce all incoming damage by 10%

While you could argue - this ability would see more use than "Environment Resistance", it will also not really change whether you can clear an island with a team or not... while Environment could (Speaking generally).

That being said - This ability will definitely see more light of day compared to the even more niche Poison Resistance. The 10% damage reduction is a bit underwhelming and it likely won't change whether you can clear a stage or not (as mentioned earlier). Teams will gladly run damage-reducers which also reduces this abilities' viability.

9. Poison Resistance
Poison Resistance
Level 1 (5 Points): Reduce damage taken from Poison by 20%
Level 2 (10 Points): Reduce damage taken from Poison by 50%
Level 3 (20 Points): Negate all Poison Damage 

Think about all the enemies that poison you... Now remove Crocodile... There aren't many. Which is the problem.

You could list more stages with environmental effects than Poison and while you will want to farm "Prison-Croc" which will poison you... It isn't really that hard that you need to invest an entire 20 points into this ability. So... until Magellen arrives, this ability will likely not see the light of day.

10. Survivor!!
Level 1 (5 Points): Tiny chance to survive an attack with 1 HP
Level 2 (10 Points): Small chance to survive an attack with 1 HP
Level 3 (20 Points): Occasionally survive an attack with 1 HP

Poor Survivor. It was one of the most hyped abilities during 4.0's announcement.

The problem? It's chance-based. Getting 20 Points in an ability is not an easy feat and to bet it all on a CHANCE is not particularly worth the work. If at level 3, it read "Survive any 1 hit with 1 HP while Health is above 50%" we would be having a completely different conversation. But currently its too unreliable to be used effectively and not many will bet on it.

Also... who would even want to think that they'll "Game-Over"...

General Advice
Now for some advice in regards to sockets for your Characters...
  • It's often good to plan your dream team and work to balancing the sockets around it. For instance the famous Mihawk/Doflamingo/Crocodile/Shanks/Arlong team that doesn't really vary.
  • Sometimes its good to assign units sockets based on what that unit will mostly be used in. For instance - Perona (a damage reducer) will generally be used in Raid Bosses and 0-Stamina islands, as such Lock Resistance or Cooldown Reductions will be good on her.
  • Remember the "Rankings" is not the Bible. A Sengoku team may plan its sockets differently from a Whitebeard team and vice versa. Plan accordingly based on the comments and see how it fits in regards to your team/what island you are trying to clear
  • Remember to consider ALL units when building your teams. That Fortnight Perona may come with 90% damage reduction and 2 Slots... But that Valentines Perona comes with an 80% damage reduction and 3 Slots. Is that 10% less worth say... reducing a Lock by an extra turn?

How to Use:
Based on the setup you prefer – prioritize your sockets from left to right. (in other words – if the unit has 3 sockets, and take the left 3 sockets).
The reason is unless you have a specific team in mind like the Standard SW Ace teams, you will use units on multiple teams for various islands. As such, having such a setup will allow you to generally always have the sockets available no matter which team you create.
You can use any socket setup for any team you want – for instance if you prefer the Aggresive Setup and are willing to give up/surrender the Classic Setup you are free to do so. But the Generally Used by are guidelines for those that are unsure.
The most used setup that is very simple to implement and most “multi-purpose”. The idea behind this setup is pure practicality.

Classic Setup Generally Used by – General Teams
(2.5x ATK Captains, 2x HP/ATK Captains, 2.75x ATK Legends, 3x ATK while health is full, Gain ATK based on health, Rayleigh)
Effects Gained
  •  Heal 1,000 Health every turn
  •  Reduce the Special charge time at the start of Quest by 2
  •  Reduce all Lock Duration by 3
  •  Increase appearance of matching slots
  •  Reduce all Gloom Duration by 3
By prioritizing the Recovery per turn socket, it means that all units should have 5 Recovery per turn slot which guarantees the 1,000 heal per turn. This allows you to stall for Specials without much issues and maintain a healthy state even after preemptive strikes.
Reducing the special charge time is all-round good to ensure easy bursting of bosses. Paired with Recovery per turn, it guarantees that all Specials should be up.
As Locking is the most common debuff, it is prioritized third. Since most bosses are designed to be beaten even while in a locked state, the former 2 are more important than this socket. However, this is a strong luxury once attained as it makes your life a lot easier.
The Rate-Up is a luxury socket which increases matching slots. It’s prioritized fourth due to most teams having an already in-built slot manipulation mechanic. In addition, the former 3 are much stronger to guaranteeing a win than this socket.
The Gloom Socket is last as it’s the least common debuff. Despite it being an extremely powerful debuff, it is also only limited to a few turns. This means that it can be worked around with your recovery per turn socket and specials. A luxury socket.

All-Attackers Setup Generally Used by – Limited Attacker Teams
(Monkey D. Luffy: Gear Third, Monkey D. Luffy Voyage Dream: Pirate King, “Dark King” Rayleigh, Killer)
Effects Gained
  •  Heal 1,000 Health every turn
  •  Reduce all Lock Duration by 3 turns
  •  Reduce Special charge time by 2 turns
  •  Increase appearance of matching slots
  •  Reduce all Gloom Duration by 3 turns
Slightly adjusted positions from the Classic Setup and for good reason.
In limited attacker teams, there is the unique opportunity to stall with an attacker with 0x ATK buff. This allows incredibly easy stalling with the Recovery per turn/[RCV] slots. As such, the Cooldown Reduction socket is not valued as highly but the Recovery per turn socket retains its value.
The Lock socket is important to ensure that you will always be able to activate your maximum damage as a single Character being locked can limit your damage severely. As such, this socket is prioritized higher than Cooldown Reduction.
The Cooldown Reduction stays to ensure quick clears and to help guarantee the team’s specials to be up for bursting.
The Matching slot rate up is not valued as highly as the above due to these teams generally running slot manipulations/utility units or… Donquixote Doflamingo. Since you only attack hard with a few units, you only need specific units to have matching slots rather than all. As such, ensuring characters like Donquixote Doflamingo has their specials up is more important than having a chance of matching slot.
Reducing Gloom is the last prioritized socket as it can generally be worked around. Due to Gloom’s generally low duration, even unlocking the first level is enough to assist your team manage an island. Hence, its the merely a luxury socket.
Aggressive Setup Generally Used by – ATK based on Low Health
(3x ATK on low Health, Crocodile “Logia” System)
Effects Gained
  •  Reduce the Special charge time at the start of Quest by 2
  •  Reduce all Lock Duration by 3
  •  Reduce all Gloom Duration by 3
  •  Increase appearance of matching slots
  •  Negate all Environment Damage
The teams that gain ATK based on how low their health will generally forego the Recovery per turn Sockets in favor for a more aggressive/battle-ready setup.
The Cooldown Reduction socket is featured as teams like these require their Specials to deal immense amounts of damage without/before dying (as they don’t take attacks very well). Example of these units include: Killer, Whitebeard and Crocodile “Logia System”
Both the Lock and Gloom Sockets go hand-in-hand to ensure that your burst isn’t stopped. Unlike the other teams on the list, this setup lacks sustain meaning that if you get hit with a gloom, the team can suffer.
Teams of this nature generally run slot-manipulation to leave nothing to chance (the team does require low health). As such, slot chance rate-up is not as important as the above sockets. But is still important as a luxury socket to ensure maintained DPS.
Finally, the Environment socket. While Poison can be nullified, Environmental effects cannot currently be nullified. This socket can be the difference if an island is beatable or not. Other alternatives can include the Poison Socket or Survival socket. However, Poison effects are rather rare and can be worked around/healed. Survival sockets are based on chance and is not recommended as a result.

We hope you have fun with this new update and enjoy maxing out your character sockets!

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