Kimono Nami Review

Nami Mirage Tempo: The Heavens (Kimono Nami)
Captain Skill: Boosts ATK, HP and RCV of INT characters by 1.5x 
Special: Reduces damage received from INT enemies by 100% for 1 turn, recovers a random amount of HP
Oh a Nami from the heavens indeed. She will be the "SECRET STAGE" of the Kimono Strawhats fortnight isle. Apart from this beautiful.. BEAUTIFUL art and design, this Nami has a Special that will be used against many INT raids and Fortnights to come in the future. But before we go into that let us first talk about her captain ability. This Nami just like kimono luffy has the few uses in the current meta game as a captain. Her captain ability is similar to Kimono Luffy's as well and so it gives INT characters a 1.5x boost in ATK, HP and RCV. On a broad spectrum, this may seem like an all rounded captain, however that is not really the case here. Any raid or fortnight has 2 distinct broad ways to tackle, In case of a PSY boss, the team used is generally a INT team which gives you 2 options: A burst INT team or a tank INT team. The attack gained because of the burst INT team should be way more than a 1.5x attack boost by the this Nami. A  Towel Nami team would do way more burst damage then Kimono nami, If the team is a tank team, Flower Sword Vista is the way to go with a 2x attack and a 2x health benefit. Both the health and the attack boost are immensely larger. Almost each stage is based of on specificity, so if there is a team that needs an RCV boost, then the right captain to use would be Strong World Robin who is not currently released in the Global Meta Game. Till then Nami is totally outclassed by the recent release of Foxy who essentially gives the same boost as Nami but to all characters while reducing the cooldown of all characters by 1 turn. The stats say for themselves. Kimono Nami tries to have a boost in everything, but due to the lack of specificity in one aspect, the unit wont be used as a captain in the current meta game.

Double Kimono Nami Captain Boosts: 2.25x ATK, 2.25x HP, 2.25x RCV
Double Towel Nami Captain Boosts: 6.25x ATK
Double Flower Sword Vista Captain Boosts: 4x ATK 4x HP
Double Strong World Robin Captain Boosts: 4x ATK, 4x RCV  [FUTURE CONTENT]
Double Gekko Moria of the Shichibukai Captain Boosts: 9x ATK (with at full HP)
Double X-Drake Captain Boosts: 9x ATK (below 30%)

As you can see Kimono Nami is outclassed by almost every INT captain used currently in the meta game.So she wont be quite used as a captain in many teams. That said her special is a unique one.. so unique infact that it will tilt the meta game in her favor when it comes to facing strong INT bosses.Her special nullifies all INT damage for 1 turn AND heals you with a random amount of health at a low cooldown of 10 turns only. The only other unit that does that is Mirage Tempo Nami with a cooldown of 8 turns and no random healing. So which one to choose? It is very simple really. Let us look at the facts. The stats of the characters. Kimono Nami has a way higher attack than Mirage Tempo Nami. The stats overall for Kimono Nami are better than Mirage Tempo Nami. She also heals in the process of nullifying damage. The difference in their cooldowns is 2 which can be easily stalled out in most cases. So unless you need a unit with 8 turns only who can nullify INT damage then Mirage Tempo Nami is useful. But apart from that her use will be hindered by Kimono Nami. Also Kimono Nami skillbooks are available in the same fortnight and so the character does not need to be necessarily farmed more than once.

The future applications of this character is socket fodder for units like Towel Nami, Kimono Nami herself, Log Nami, Halloween Nami and Mirage Temp Nami. Halloween Nami is another option for socket farming as well. So she will be used for Nami socket farming.However Kimono Nami as a socket fodder would be rare to obtain because of her status as a SECRET STAGE. So Halloween Nami is the more preferred option.
Practicality: Low (captain) Very High (sub)
Ease of Use: High (captain and sub)
Sheer Power: Low (captain and sub)
Flexibility: Low (only as an INT team sub to nullify Damages)

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