Kimono Strawhats Walkthrough Guide

Table of Contents
    • Reward
    • EXP,Beli,Title
    • Tips
    • Challenge
  • Stage Overview (Expert 30)
  • Team Suggestions (Expert 30)

Notable Skillbooks obtainable:

18 - 10
15 - 30
Mr. 3
13 - 9
5 - 30
Kimono Nami
20 - 10 
15 - 30

Notable Characters obtainable:
Kimono Luffy
23 - 13
Silence reducer by 3
Kimono Zoro
20 - 10
Bind reducer by 2
Kimono Nami
20- 10
Very useful versus INT raids
Blocks INT damage by 100%
rare encounter
Mr. 2
13 - 7
Combine with Garp
Mr. 8, Mr. 9, Moji, Kabaji, Patty, Carne, Fullbody, Hatchan, etc.

XP, Beri, Title:
Stamina/ Chapter
Rookie – 5
Veteran – 10
Elite – 15
Expert – 30

  • You can bring GP Usopp.
  • Care for Zoros binds and Luffy crazy ATK buffs.
  • Fast win is better than being Tanky.
  • Bring a STR and QCK crew.
  • Other Character Drops include Mr. 2, Igaram, Mr. 9, Yosaku, Johnny etc.

The Battle

Stamina: 30-Stamina  (Expert)
Stages: 7


The Stages
Battle 1

Baroque Works Reappear!
fairly standard mob stage with Either one of Igaram or Mr. 9
It is an easy stage to beat considering the low health of each of the bosses
There will also be pigs turtles and mobs here (if stalling is needed for a GP usopp based team)

IgaramAbout 25,0001230
Mr.9About 25,000(not tested)

Battle 2

The Buggy Pirates reappear!!
Again like the previous stage you will face either one of Mohji or Kabaji accompanied by mobs and turtles ofcourse. Again an easy stage to clear and a stall target if you are running a GP based team.

KabajiAbout 30 0003510
MohjiAbout 40 0005982

Battle 3

Baratie Revisted!!
This time there will be 2 combinations of minibosses (either Yosaku + Johnny or Patty + Crane)
Regardless of who you get it is an easy clear stage as well and it will have mobs, but with enough stalling on the first 2 stages it won't be needed to stall here

PattyAbout 10 000980
CraneAbout 40 0003020
YosakuAbout 20 0001422
JohnnyAbout 20 0001422

Battle 4

The Navy Noobs stage!
You will face either of Nezumi or Fullbody here with mobs and just as the title says, they are noobs with Nezumi having 50000 hp and a ridiculously low attack while Fullbody having a ridiculously low health and a decent attack. Regardless, its an easy stage and everyone will clear it without breaking a sweat

NezumiAbout 50 000584
Full BodyAbout 17,0003990

Battle 5

Bon Clay/Hatchi is back!!
One of the prime reasons to farm this fortnight is for those who still dont have a Mr.2 Mind you though, the drop rate is really low and you can forget farming for his special, if that is your aim. But you can try for a drop if you dont have him. This stage is also accompanied with mobs and is fairly easy to beat

(not tested)
90000 (hachi)

converts all slots to either
Meat orbs or TND orbs

Battle 6

Zoro Stage:
Make sure you kill him before he attacks below 50% He has a standard 540000 HP which is easily destroyed in 2 turns by any STR burst team in 2 turns. So he should not be an issue to deal with (his cd is 2)

54000073927500 damage and seals left 3 units

Battle 7

Kimono Luffy:
Even Kimono Luffy has an HP similar to Zoro and so should not be an issue to kill off in 2 turns. However to be safe you can always use GP usopp to delay his turns so that you won't waste 30 stamina even if you mess up. Below 20% he does a 20000 damage so beware of that. DO NOT GET HIM BELOW 20% BEFORE HIS ATTACK

5400002418Attack Power increases by 10% each turn
Rare Encounter

Kimono Nami:
She has a low 220000 HP that is fairly easy to beat in a single turn itself. She converts all orbs to either empty or INT preemptively

2200001780converts all slots to either empty 
orbs or INT orbs (preemptive)

Team Suggestions: 

Keep in mind you need at least a 1.5x ATK ship !

Free to play: Any good leveled crew + 2 QCKs and 2 STRs

Socket Abilities Required:  None

To make it easier you can bring an ATK booster, Orb booster or just GP Usopp.

Free to play: STR  Monster Chopper Rampage

Socket Abilities Required:  None

Required total HP: 2420

Nothing much to say. Burst through with Perfects.
Get hit by Luffy and burst the rest. Fast win.

If Nami is in your way... burst her down as well.

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