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    • EXP,Beli,Title
    • Tips
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  • Stage Overview (Ultimate 60)
  • Team Suggestions (Ultimate 60)

Notable Characters obtainable:
God Enel
32 - 17
Heal live a vivi, strike like a god

XP, Beri, Title:
Stamina/ Chapter
Expert – 30
Master – 40
Ultimate – 60

  • Enel only drops as a 4* unit. 
  • 5* Enel has 50 cost so don't evolve him until you feel like you can handle it.
  • Both evolutions have the same Special name so you can use either as skill up material.
  • Remember that Enel is unaffected by Debuffs like Turn Delay for the first 3 turns.
  • Stall effectively to try and get your Specials up by the time you reach Enel. This means hitting a unit with only 1 unit as opposed to all 6 at times (don't be afraid to take hits).

The Battle

Stamina: 30-Stamina  (Expert)
Stages: 7


Stage Overview

There are 3 Versions of the island - Expert, Master and Ultimate. All 3 revolve around the same principle/idea and vary extremely slightly.
There will be Lightning Bolts that will rain down upon the stage every 3 turns, they will deal damage to BOTH you and your enemy.
These Lightning Bolts deal:
  • 30-Stamina Lightning Bolts deal: 1000 damage
  • 40-Stamina Lightning Bolts deal: 1320 damage
  • 60-Stamina Lightning Bolts deal: 1800 damage
These damages are FIXED and will not be affected by any damage-negation/reduction you have (or in some cases - the enemies have).
(30-Stamina Edition of the Island)

(40-Stamina Edition of the Island)

(60-Stamina Edition of the Island)
Stage 1/5
"Angel Stage"
Like all Raid Bosses - we suggest you stall on this Stage without taking damage.
Keeping Turn Count on Lightning Bolts may be able to help.
(30/40 Stamina Edition of the Island)
-No Image of 60-Stamina -
Stage 2/5
"Turtle Stage"
If you timed well, you should be able to get a few turns of stalling done here.
But generally, this is a relatively straightforward stage.
Don't bother purposely stalling here by taking damage and hitting it with 1 unit like normal.

 This is because the Lightning bolts will come and finish them off anyway.
The 60 Stamina version has a Blue Lobster replacing one of the turtles.
(30-Stamina Edition of the Island)
(40-Stamina Edition of the Island)
(60-Stamina Edition of the Island)
Stage 3/5
"Skypiea Priest Stage"
These priests will generally pre-emptively lock your PSY units for 1 Turn and put up a Defence buff against PSY attacks.

The suggestion here is to attack the priest that JUST used his ability. This is because every priest will use a "lock"/"defence buff" and go on a 2-Turn interval.

Just ensure, that multiple priests do not do their locks at the same time... and Sengoku (or other PSY Leads) are not advised. Possible, but not advised.

A special note is that the INT mobs have locked DEX units. So be cautious of that.
(30 Stamina Edition of the Island)
-No Image for 40 Stamina Edition-
(60-Stamina Edition of the Island)
Stage 4/5
"The Make-It or Break-It" Stage
The stage where units will lock you if you do not kill them.
These units all have high amount of defence but low HP. Which also means you will need characters with high combo numbers to kill them.
Or... if you turn-count properly, abuse the fixed damage lightning to kill them.
Either way - The Seahorses will lock a unit for 6-turns, while the other 3 units will lock all units that they are weak to (i.e Blue Goat Priest will lock DEX units) for 2 turns.

As a note, the seahorse in 60-Stamina has 20 HP. Which will usually cause you to use above 2 units to kill.
So the suggest game plan is to use the Lightning!!!
(30/40 Stamina Edition of the Island)
(60-Stamina Edition of the Island)
Stage 5/5
BOSS: "God" Enel - Thunder God
Here he comes!! His attack pattern is the same regardless of which stamina you do.

He will pre-emptively put up a "Debuff Protector" and a Defence buff for a few turns.

Following this, he will have a pre-emptive move every 3 turns which will reshuffle your orbs as well as clear any debuffs afflicting him (including Turn Delays).

At 50% health, Enel will start spamming his Special with his normal attack. This means he will allow him to attack twice in 1 turn.
His special will do 50% of your current health.

Enel Table of Statistics:
He will attack every turn
When 50% Health, will use Special Move dealing 50% of your current health with his normal attack
When 20% Health, will use Special dealing 15,656 damage
He will attack every turn
When 50% Health, will use Special Move dealing 50% of your current health with his normal attack
When 20% Health, will use Special dealing 35,656 damage
He will attack every turn
When 50% Health, will use Special Move dealing 50% of your current health with his normal attack
When 20% Health, will use Special dealing 95,656 damage

Attack Pattern of Enel

What Enel does...
Pre-emptive Skill
Puts up a Debuff Blocker/Defence Buff for...
- 2 Turns if 30 Stamina
3 Turns if 40 or 60 Stamina
Attacks and then
Randomizes all orbs, clears all debuffs (including Turn Delays)
Attacks normally
Attacks normally
Attacks and then
Randomizes all orbs, clears all debuffs (including Turn Delays)
(For Turn 5 and onwards repeat 2 - 4)
When 50% Health...
Starts to use his Special Move every turn which deals 50% of your current health then Attacks normally
When 20% Health...
Starts to use his Special move which deals
- 15,656 damage if 30 Stamina
- 35,656 damage if 40 Stamina
- 95,656 damage if 60 Stamina

Team Suggestions: 

Top-Tier Captains for Enel
The following units are recommended as Captains against Enel

These units are all proven to be the best Captains for taking down both 40 and 60-Stamina edition of Enel.

Other Captains that can clear Enel
The following units have also proven to defeat Enel though require a bit more of planning compared to the ones above.

Free to play Doflamingo x Doflamingo Crew:

Socket Abilities Suggested:  
Boat required: MAX. Coffin Boat 
Specials required: MAX. GP Usopp

Daz Bones can be exchanged for Miss Doublefinger, she boosts DEX ATK by 1.5x.
Ashura Zoro can be exchanged with Trafalgar Law for almost guaranteed DEX Orbs.

Overall Strategy: 
Get up your Specials before get to Enel.
Tank his hits until you can turn delay him.
Burst out everything you have in 2-3 turns.

Stage 1: Stall as necessary and take around 2 hits from a mob and make sure that thunder kills the mob after that.

Stage 2: Kill the turtles as needed. It is fine if you take a hit here. but lightning will kill them after they attack once. So make sure you take only 1 hit from one of the turtle/mob if you cannot kill them.

Stage 3
  • The mob should lock GP Usopp and Mr. 1 here. 
  • Use the other units to kill the mobs with 1 cd on the play leave one of them (preferably QCK) alive so that he can lock your characters.
  • Try to kill the INT mob if he is at 1 cd as he locks all DEX units if you let him attack. 
    But even if he does, it is still possible to beat the stage. 
  • Let a mob lock you one more time. Make sure that the lightning countdown is at its second turn here

Stage 4: Kill the mob who is at 1 cooldown (if any) and let the lightning take care of the rest.

Stage 5
  • By this turn you should have stalled 19 turns safely.
    After enels preemptive attack, turns stalled = 20
  • After this you should be able to tank 6 regular Enel hits minimum.
    Tank more if possible for safety.
  • As soon as Enel shuffles orbs when you are at low health, use Usopp special.
    By this time you should have done around 35-40% damage to enel
  • Use Mihawk Special after GP delay
  • Attack for 1-2 more turns normally
    By this time both the Doflamingos should be charged
  • Use one Doffy special and get good orbs on the DEX characters.
  • Use Mr 1 special to boost attack for 2 turns
  • Hit your perfects and burst down as much as possible.
    Use Ashura Zoro's special for some minial damage as well.
  • The boosted orb power from doffy and the power from Mr. 1's boosted attack should be enough to kill Enel after the second doflamingo boost

We wish you the best of luck and hope this helped you in your quest to obtain the terror of Skypiea and hope that you can max his special soon.

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