Kimono Zoro Review

Roronoa Zoro Three Thousand Worlds: The Storm (Kimono Zoro)
Captain Skill: Boosts ATK, HP and RCV of DEX characters by 1.5x 
Special: Reduces Bind duration by 2 turns, deals 10x character's ATK in DEX damage to all enemies
This Zoro just like kimono luffy has the few uses in the current meta game as a captain. His captain ability is similar to Kimono Luffy's as well and so it gives DEX characters a 1.5x boost in ATK, HP and RCV. On a broad spectrum, this may seem like an all rounded captain, however that is not really the case here. Any raid or fortnight has 2 distinct broad ways to tackle, In case of a QCK boss, the team used is generally a DEX team which gives you 2 options: A burst DEX team or a tank DEX team. The attack gained because of the burst DEX team should be way more than a 1.5x attack boost by the this Zoro. A  Trafalgar Law team would do way more burst damage then Kimono zoro, If the team is a tank team, Ashura Zoro is the way to go with a 2x attack and a 2x health benefit. Both the health and the attack boost are immensely larger. Almost each stage is based of on specificity, so if there is a team that needs an RCV boost, then the right captain to use would be Izo. The stats say for themselves. Kimono Zoro tries to have a boost in everything, but due to the lack of specificity in one aspect, the unit wont be used as a captain in the current meta game.

Double Kimono Zoro Captain Boosts: 2.25x ATK, 2.25x HP, 2.25x RCV
Double Law Captain Boosts: 6.25x ATK
Double Ashura Zoro Captain Boosts: 4x ATK 4x HP
Double Izo Captain Boosts: 4x ATK, 4x RCV
Double Apoo Captain Boosts: 9x ATK (with at full HP)
Double Strong World Zoro Captain Boosts: 9x ATK (below 30%)  [FUTURE CONTENT]

As you can see Kimono Zoro is outclassed by almost every DEX captain used currently in the meta game.So he wont be quite used as a captain in many teams. That said his special is a unique one.. He reduces Bind (or lock) by 2 turns and does nuke damage to all enemies. Apart from a spread attack, the Nuke damage is basically nothing at the moment. However the bind reduction is a nifty special that can be used in DEX teams or slasher teams because of a low minimum 10 turn cooldown. The current Lock reducer in the Global meta are Silvers Rayleigh who reduces lock for 5 turns at an 18 cooldown which is a bit too much for burst teams. Also he cannot be used as a DEX team sub or a slasher team sub. Sargent Helmeppo is another unit that reduces bind by 3 turns at 11 cooldown. So for just 1 more stall turn he reduces one more bind turn which is very very advantageous. He is a slasher and so can be used as a slasher sub instead of Kimono Zoro. There is Morgan who reduces bind for 2 turns in a 9 turn cooldown. He is also a better option as compared to Kimono Zoro in slasher teams for bind reduction for only 2 turns. So this narrows down Zoros utility as a sub to DEX teams as a bind reducer. Now this means that you have to go with a double Law team or a Double Apoo team or any team that does not involve a Zoro as your own captain. That being said Kimono Zoro special is a nifty one to have for DEX teams and is hence a very useful special to max out.

The future applications of this character is socket fodder for units like Ashura Zoro, Lion Song Zoro, Strong World Zoro, Halloween Zoro and Wolf Stream Zoro. Halloween Zoro is another option for socket farming as well. So he will be used for Zoro socket farming.
Practicality: Low (captain) High (sub)
Ease of Use: High (captain and sub)
Sheer Power: Low (captain and sub)
Flexibility: Low (only as an DEX team sub to remove binds)

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