The Sengoku Update

The new era with Sengoku begins now:

Sengoku the Buddha has now gotten such an overhaul that it has shifted the whole global and JPN meta to such a huge degree that it has defied the standard Rayleigh story mode farming. Those hating Sengoku are suddenly in love with him and want him desperately. Those who were ashamed to have him in their box as their only legend (yes they exist), now show him off with pride. Also those who deleted, sold or fed away their Sengoku can now proceed to weep.

So what exactly has changed?

The cost of sengoku has reduced from 55 to 54... (not the overhaul I was talking about)
Now Sengoku boosts all units below cost 20 AND "Sengoku, the Buddha", with an attack boost of 3x

..i'll let that sink in for some time....

For those who still dont understand its implications and how exactly he changed the meta here is the short and sweet version (You can proceed to read the long version later below)

He now boosts all units with a buff of 9x meaning immense damage per unit INCLUDING Sengoku. This means super fast story mode farming, fortnight farming, and even some raids can be done super fast with him (Garp is done in almost 1.5 mins). Sengoku can now clear difficult raids like Aokiji with ease. Although this change is not record breaking or anything, it still puts Sengoku in the top tier legends which people will go crazy after.

What does this mean?
The original weakness to Sengoku was that he could only buff units with a cost of 20 or less. Which meant no buff for himself and ridiculously low multipliers which meant that he barely surpassed the 2.5x burst captains. This also means that in comparision to other legends like Boa Hancock who do 2.75x buff for all units he was considered very inferior by most and was mostly rotting in the box as a "legend character" only. His utility was severly hindered due to low damages and so only skilled veterans were able to use him effectively. But at the end of the day he was still a weak legend when compared to others.
 With the change, Sengoku teams damage output increases dramatically. In terms of damage output, if both Whitebeard and Sengoku were to use the same team and all units in said team were 20 Cost or lower, the damage output would be the same. This also propels Sengoku to one of the higher-damage dealing Legends being able to do a “clean” 3x ATK buff without meeting any in-game condition such as Combo requirements or HP Percentage requirements.
 By covering Sengoku team’s former weakness, the advantages of Sengoku teams also become more prominent. The Special charge time reduction is considered a compensation for not being able to use 20 or above cost units (Rather than covering both Captains not getting the buff and not using the 20 or above cost units). This allows Sengoku to compete with Whitebeard on a more even footing.

 As an additional tool to demonstrate the difference between the Old and New Sengoku – refer to the multiplier table below. Note these only consider the multiplication figures, no actual unit stats are used.
Assume the team is using double Sengoku Captains. 
Attack Number
Old Sengoku 
New Sengoku
1x * 1x = 1x
(No Boost * Combo Chain)
9x * 1x = 9x
(Boost * Combo Chain)
1x * 1.3x = 1.3x
(No Boost * Combo Chain)
9x * 1.3x = 11.7x
(Boost * Combo Chain)
9x * 1.6x = 14.4x
(Boost * Combo Chain)
9x * 1.6x = 14.4x
(Boost * Combo Chain)
9x * 1.9x = 17.1x
9x * 1.9x = 17.1x
9x * 2.2x = 19.8x
9x * 2.2x = 19.8x
9x * 2.5x = 22.5x
9x * 2.5x = 22.5x
While the multipliers themselves speak volumes – it doesn’t account for other things such as the effects of ATK-boosts, slot-boosts, the “doubled damage” from hitting PERFECTs, slots and many more. This is the most basic, bare-bones way of showing the damage difference and how major the change made was.
*credits for table to and xystos
So… if you are keen on playing Sengoku…
Tips, Tricks and Advice on Playing Sengoku

  1. Know what ship you are going to use. As of now Going Merry is the option viable to global players for the most part. For per turn heal, Flying Merry can also work, but that is not so effective when it comes to speed farming
  1. With the Buff, don’t be afraid to use units that are above 20 Cost
·         Similar to how Golden Pound Usopp is used in Mihawk teams, do NOT be afraid of using units above 20 or above Cost.
·         In saying this – it is suggested you should only use ONE unit filling this category – this will generally be a powerful booster like Donquixote Doflamingo
·         This will also allow you to stall easier if necessary
  1. Keep your 4-Star Rare Recruit Units!!
·         Now this is a very important thing to note. Almost all Rare Recruit Characters have a below 20 cost version (Like an unevolved marco) You may wanna keep them in order to make full use of the Sengoku boost.

  1. Get at least a copy of every unit from Fortnights
·         Sengoku gets a buff every time a new Fortnight comes. It means new toys to play with and units to be added to the pool of options.
  1. It is advisable to try and find units whose Special makes an impact (serves double purpose) This maximizes the power of Sengoku’s Special charge time reduction

Some of the units that can go with sengoku when it comes to utility are:

Golden Pound Usopp: The original god tier unit is under 20 cost and is hence viable as a turn delayer in sengoku teams. This will be a must have in almost all sengoku teams that dont aim towards speed farming and are more intended for efficient and safe farming.

Marco: The 4* version can be used with Sengoku and can have the boost that he provides. This means that you can have a healer with a 20 CD who can heal you back to full health. If you have a sengoku, you may wanna keep his 4* version and avoid evolving him now.

Donquixote Doflamingo: The 5* and the 4* form are above 20 cost we know, but Doffy has such an amazing special that the damages done after Orb manipulation and 2x boost are tremendously high. Doffy will himself hit for a low damage. But the damage output after the doffy boost for all other characters with cost lesser than or equal to 20 is glorious.

That being said we all congratulate Sengoku users on their amazing game changing boost and from the blog team would like to wish them "Happy Farming" . As always if you guys have any more addons to this please post in the comments below and I would be happy to add it in for you and ofcourse your work will be recieved with due credit.

Happy Sengoku-ing!!

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